Accelerate AI development with Momentum: from data to intelligence


Generative AI with enterprise private data

Enterprise-Grade Security

  • Host on-premises or in a private cloud  
  • Protect sensitive data during transmission and storage  
  • Maintain full control over your data while adhering to security and compliance policies 
  • Role-based access to control who can access what kind of data 


SecureGPT for Law Firms

  • Draft an argument for the motion
  • Summarize and interpret critical documents
  • Prepare for deposition
  • Contract policy compliance
  • Extract contract data relevant to the case

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SecureGPT – A Generative AI for Enterprise Private Data

Enhance internal team collaboration, customer support, and knowledge management. 

Query From Your Enterprise Data

  • Upload any document securely and ask questions 
  • Get the answers from your enterprise knowledge base 


An All-In-One Platform for Decision Intelligence

Momentum is a no-code data engineering and AI/ML platform for engineers, scientists, analysts, and DevOps to streamline ML solution development, deployment, management, monitoring, and governance.

Automate all phases of AI/ML deployment with Momentum

Data Preparation → Model Training → Deployment → Business Value → Monitoring

Momentum MLOps provides CI/CD for ML pipeline so that data engineers and scientists can deploy models from their development environment into production.

Data Scientists can continue using tools and programming languages of their choice to develop models and be able to efficiently deploy, manage, monitor, and scale their models in production. 

Model version control, A/B testing, data drift detection, model drift detection, team collaboration, and model governance are some of the key features that streamline the overall enterprise ML process. 

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Cut Down Cost. Improve Bottomline. Enhance Customer Experience. Generate More Business with AI-Powered Data-Driven Business.

Momentum provides toolkits for data engineers, scientists, and programmers to rapidly build and deploy industry-specific machine learning solutions.

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Accure’s partner program aims to create a network of partners to complement AI/ML offerings to their technology solutions and help customers adopt AI by working with their trusted vendors and service providers.

Partners leverage on our technology to stay competitive and serve a fast growing AI market. Our partners get a comprehensive training, free product license for PoCs, demos and customer training. This helps them accelerate their go-to-market.

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