NLP: Text Summarization

Our NLP and deep learning based text summarization model summarizes a lengthy document of text into a concise and precise version.

The model is accessed via Restful API.

There are many use cases of text summarization.

  • Legal contract analysis
  • Financial research
  • Patent research
  • Headline generation
  • Generation of minutes of online meetings
  • Question answering bots
  • Scientific research
  • News and media analysis
  • Video scripting
  • Books and literature reviews

How It Works

  • Signup for an account and request for the API key.
  • Make a Restful call by passing a text file or a PDF file containing text.
  • The API returns a summarized version of the document along with the compression percentage.

If you are interested in trying the signature matching API, signup to get the API key and documentation.